Christmas. It’s Time (Puppet Remix)

Continuing my tradition of posting the sermon-related puppet skits my boys have been helping me with on each Sunday of Advent. Feel free to adapt to your own situation if they can be of any use. The three previous skits in this series are available here,  here, and here.

OPENING VIDEO  (or another puppet)

Farley: Welcome to “Dangerously Close to Furry Farley’s Ferocious Frenemies,” The real life reality tv show that features real clips of me, Furry Farley, really getting dangerously close to some really ferocious animals, which are really real. It is dangerous work, but I really want you to get dangerously close with me. These animals may look all cute and furry. But they are really dangerous.

(Music and video to look like a tv show intro.)

(Music fades – shots of a wolf and a sheep.)

For three weeks now we have been tracking a Coyote tracking a sheep. The coyote still has not struck his prey. You’d think he was waiting for Christmas. Let’s get dangerously close and see what happens . . .


Sheep: You are still around Coyote?

Coyote: You are still alive Sheep? I thought you may have been eaten by that lion that was prowling around last week.

Sheep: No, but is today the day you finally eat me?

Coyote: Nope, I’m saving room for the Calvary Church Family Christmas Dinner immediately following the service today. I’ve been waiting all year for Christmas to come. It always seems so far away.

Sheep: Cheer up, you get to celebrate Christmas every year, but those who were waiting for the first ever Christmas had to wait a long, long time.

Coyote: Oh really? How so?

Sheep: Well, as we have said before, there were hints that Christmas was coming going right back to Adam and Eve. And then over hundreds of years, God gave his people more than hints, he gave them promises through the prophets. He gave His people hope.

Coyote: Like the smell of turkey in the air right now is giving me hope that a really good dinner is coming soon?

Sheep: Yep, but in addition to having hope, God’s people had to have patience.

Coyote: Like the people of Calvary Baptist will need to have patience during Pastor Clarke’s sermon with the smell of turkey dinner in the air?

Sheep: Something like that. But all that patience paid off when the time came for God to fulfill his promises.

Coyote: And a baby was born!

Sheep: Yes, but before the baby was born, something else had to happen first.

Coyote: What was that?

Sheep: The angels had to tell Mary and Joseph.

Coyote: I bet they were shocked by the angels and the news. But no where near as shocked had the baby come without the angels and the news!

Sheep: It sure was a shock, and something else had to happen also.

Coyote: What was that?

Sheep: Mary and Joseph had to be willing to be used by God. Joseph especially was reluctant at first, but the angel helped him figure it out.

Coyote: It is a good thing Mary and Joseph made the right decision, or there would be no Christmas, and we would have no turkey dinner today.

Sheep: God being God, He knew he could count on Mary and Joseph. The question is, can he count on you? Mary and Joseph had important decisions to make, but so do each one of us. God made Christmas happen as a matter of fact, but only you can decide to make Christmas happen as a matter of your heart.

Coyote: So the Christmas story does not really end with the birth of baby over two thousand years ago, but continues today with the birth of new hope in each of us today.

Sheep: I’m beginning to think that you are beginning to see Christmas as more than an opportunity to eat turkey.

Coyote: Yep, and I promise to never eat you.

Sheep: Because I have helped you to begin seeing the truth about Christmas? Or because you are sick of eating sheep?

Coyote: Nope, because you are a puppet, and eating fake animals is disgusting. Am I rigt? (The sheep and the coyote high five)



Farley: Did they just high five? I guess we will not be observing the eating habits of Coyotes today. But we will be observing the eating habits of humans, downstairs following the service! And so concludes the final episode. I’ve had it with snakes, lions, and puppets. Thanks for joining me in “Dangerously Close to Furry Farley’s Ferocious Frenemies.”


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