The Kings Point to the King of Kings (Puppet Remix)

Continuing my tradition of posting the sermon-related puppet skits my boys have been helping me with on each Sunday of Advent. Feel free to adapt to your own situation if they can be of any use. The scripture reference is  NRSV. The two previous skits in this series are available here and here.

OPENING VIDEO  (or another puppet)

Farley: Welcome to “Dangerously Close to Furry Farley’s Ferocious Frenemies,” The real life reality tv show that features real clips of me, Furry Farley, really getting dangerously close to some really ferocious animals, which are really real. It is dangerous work, but I really want you to get dangerously close with me. These animals may look all cute and furry. But they are really dangerous.

(Music and video to look like a tv show intro.)

(Music fades – shots of a wolf and a sheep.)

For two weeks now we have been tracking a Coyote tracking a sheep. They almost appear to be talking to each other, but we know that animals can’t talk, er, . . . well anyway, the Coyote is bound to pounce on his prey this time. Let’s get dangerously close and see what happens . . .


Sheep: You again Coyote? Have you finally got over your dislike of sheep?

Coyote: Nope. I’m not here to eat you. I’m here to hide behind you so that I do not get eaten.

Sheep: Oh good, I’m not in the mood for being eaten today.

Coyote:  You may want to get into the mood because I am hiding behind you so that you will be eaten instead of me.

Sheep: Eaten by whom?

Coyote: By that lion over there!

Sheep: You are afraid of cats?!

Coyote: Not just any cat, that’s a lion, the king of all beasts. He is at the top of the food chain. He will eat anything he can get his paws on. He is the KING! The top dog.

Sheep: Cat

Coyote: Yeah, whatever.

Sheep: He is not a very good king if he eats all the subjects of his kingdom is he?

Coyote: He has to stay alive and in charge somehow. If I had those big paws and those big jaws, I’d be really good at being a bad king too.

Sheep: Being Christmas and all, you have just reminded me of a human who was really good at being a bad king.

Coyote: Who was that?

Sheep: The king at the time of Jesus’ birth. Herod.

Coyote: What was so bad about him?

Sheep: Well, let’s just say that not only would you not want him as your king, you would not even want him as your son, or brother, or father. He was known for wiping out anyone that he thought was a threat to his rule.

Coyote: That’s not good.

Sheep: Shortly after the birth of Jesus some wise men came from the East looking for the King.

Coyote: Why would they want to see him?

Sheep: Actually he was not the king they were looking for. They were looking for the true King, Jesus.

Coyote: Herod was not the true king?

Sheep: Herod was king because the Romans said he could be king. But he did not have the proper qualifications. He was not of the right family line for one thing. But Jesus did have the right qualifications.

Coyote: So did the wise men find the true king?

Sheep: Yes, but they went and asked Herod if he knew where the true king was. Imagine that, going into the king and asking, “Where is the REAL king?”

Coyote: I bet that went over like a lead balloon.

Sheep: Yeah, not so much. Herod was so mad that he had all the infants of Bethlehem killed in order to get rid of Jesus.

Coyote: He WAS a bad king! Even a coyote like me can see that not only did he not have the right qualifications to be a king, but he did not have the right character.

Sheep: That’s right. But Jesus, the real king, has both the qualifications, and the character.

Coyote: How so?

Sheep: Jesus said “I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.”

Coyote: That must be one of your favourite verses of the Bible!

Sheep: It is, but by sheep, Jesus means people. While Herod loved being king so much he was willing to kill people to stay the king, Jesus loved people so much as the king, that he was willing to lay down his own life for them. That is what we celebrate at Easter.

Coyote: That is a good king! Too bad he was not king for long though.

Sheep: What do you mean?

Coyote: Well he was killed wasn’t he?

Sheep: Yes, but in three days he was raised from the dead. He is, and always will be King of kings and Lord of lords.

Coyote: and we couldn’t have asked for a better king!

Sheep: Speaking of kings, how about that lion?

Coyote: Thankfully he has been distracted by that hedgehog running all over the place.

Sheep: Actually I think he is distracted by the snake chasing the hedgehog.



(running frantically back and forth)

The wolf still hasn’t eaten. And I still have not been eaten! Would love to say more, but gotta run, join me next week as we look to get dangerously close in “Dangerously Close to Furry Farley’s Ferocious Frenemies.”


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