Creation. Where the Christmas Story Begins (Puppet Remix)


For the past few years my boys have been helping me with a puppet skit on each Sunday of Advent. I usually write the scripts to be supportive of the sermon. I know of at least one church that has borrowed and adapted the scripts, so I will post this year’s also just in case they may be of help to someone! Feel free to adapt to your own situation. We set up opening and closing videos for Farley’s parts, but he can be one of the puppets instead. Farley is a hedgehog, because we just happened to have a hedgehog puppet. Same goes for using a coyote instead of a wolf!


Farley: Welcome to “Dangerously Close to Furry Farley’s Ferocious Frenemies,” The real life reality tv show that features real clips of me, Furry Farley, getting really dangerously close to some really ferocious animals, which are really real. It is dangerous work, but I really want you to get dangerously close with me. These animals may look all cute and furry. But they are really dangerous.

(Music and in our video we used clips of Farley being chased by our dog. Music fades – shots of a wolf and a sheep.)

Today I have been tracking a wolf tracking a sheep. The wolf looks hungry, but we want to get up really close and personal to see the wolf’s eating habits. Hopefully I don’t become the wolf’s dinner instead of the sheep. Let’s get dangerously close and see what happens . . .

Coyote: Sheep, sheep, sheep! All I ever get to eat is sheep. And always raw. Never cooked. Never boiled, Never fried, never barbecued. No spices, No BBQ sauce. Nothing special at all. And never a turkey dinner, like the one at church on Dec. 18th. I hear that is really good by the way. Always sheep. I’m sick and tired of eating SHEEP!”

Sheep: Cheer up, it could be worse. If you were a sheep it would be grass, grass, grass.

Coyote: Ugh. Salad. I’ve never liked salad.

Sheep: Or if you were a student it would be Kraft Dinner, Kraft Dinner, Kraft Dinner

Coyote: Well that I might be able to handle.

Sheep: And actually, it won’t always be this way.

Coyote: That students won’t always eat KD? – Like that will ever happen.

Sheep: That wolves will eat sheep.

Coyote: Do I look like a wolf to you? I’m a coyote, get it right or my appetite will return in a big hurry. Wait, wolves not eating sheep? How could that be? It has always been this way.

Sheep: Well there are a lot of things a certain way that will someday be another way. There is a great change coming.

Coyote: A great change? How? Why?

Sheep: The Bible says this in Isaiah 11:6 “In that day the wolf and the lamb will live together; the leopard will lie down with the baby goat. The calf and the yearling will be safe with the lion, and a little child will lead them all.” This is pointing to a Great Day, a great change, when all will be different, and not just of you and me but for humans also.

Coyote: Humans. They are a weird lot. We kill for food. They seem to always be killing for no reason. And even weirder is all theses Christmas carols. What noise pollution! I’m so triggered. And it is so weird how these humans like to celebrate Christmas. Like the birth of one little baby makes any difference.

Sheep: Actually the birth of that one little baby is huge. In fact the birth of this baby is crucial to make sure the great change I spoke of could someday come.

Coyote: Why should the birth of one baby make such a big difference to the way things are. Things have always been this way and always will be this way. One birth will not make a difference.

Sheep: Things were different once. Back when God created the heavens and the earth, he also created all the animals like you and I. And he created humanity in His own image. At that time no human being would ever think to kill another human being. And in fact there was such a  close relationship between God and the first humans that they could say “God is with us.”

Coyote: Things are not that way now. So much violence.

Sheep: Often true, but Christmas changes everything. You see this baby called Jesus is also known as “Emmanuel” which means “God is with us.” It is through Jesus that humans are able to get close again to God. Many are getting close to God, responding to God’s call to repent form their sins and turn to Him in Jesus. It is because of Jesus that the great change is coming for all of us. This is why they celebrate Christmas with joy and even a big turkey dinner.

Coyote: Mmmmm, turkey. Now that you mention turkey, I have a craving. I’ll be on my way, but thank you for giving me something to think about. Have a good day.

Sheep: Happy hunting, and watch out for the foolish hedgehog hiding with a camera over there.

Coyote: Hiding like that he must think you are one ferocious sheep!

Farley: The wolf (Coyote yells “COYOTE! Get it right!”) . . . whatever, whatever it is, it seems to have backed away from the sheep. Perhaps the sheep has evolved some sort of defence mechanism,  like really bad flatulence. If that is so, I’m not getting any closer! It could be really dangerous. This episode is over, join me next week as we look to get dangerously close in “Dangerously Close to Furry Farley’s Ferocious Frenemies.”