Finding Joy: Puppet Remix

Continuing my habit of posting the puppet skits that go along with the sermon. The others can be found at, and

Characters: Sherlock, Watson the Angel, Elizabeth the mother of John the Baptist. Sherlock is holding a video game controller. An extra puppeteer can do this, furiously touching buttons when Sherlock is playing.

Enter Sherlock and Watson, Sherlock is playing a video game with intensity

Watson: Sherlock. . . . Sherlock . . . . . Sherlock, it’s me, Watson . . . .Sherlock . . . . . . . . (shouting) SHERLOCK!


Watson: AHHHHHH!

Sherlock: Why must you always scare me?!

Watson: Why must your being scared always be scary?! The other angels will be wondering just how angelic I am, my halo slips every time you frighten me!

Sherlock: While your angelic standing might be in doubt, there is no doubt bout my investigative abilities, for I have solved a case quite apart from your help my dear Watson! (goes back to playing)

Watson: What have you solved? What have you found?

Sherlock: (continuing to play – being intense about it) can’t you tell? I’m experiencing it right now! . . take that! . . . don’t you dare, DON”T YOU DARE! leftleftleftleftleftLEFT I SAID!! No right! No left!

Watson: Confusion?

Sherlock: (continuing to play with intensity) Of course not, straight, straight, STRAIGHT, no no no no NO!

Watson: Frustration?

Sherlock: (continuing to play with intensity) Of course not! Frustrated? Can’t you see I am busy having fun here?!

Watson: Kinda. I guess. So Sherlock?

Sherlock: (interrupting and getting really annoyed with his game and Watson) Stop interrupting Watson, I am at a very critical moment – no no no left not left straight no left no right no no no no no NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! . . . . (stops playing) Watson, you made me lose the game with only 3,582,498,934.5 points.

Watson: 3,582,498,934.5 points? Good grief Sherlock, how long have you been playing? And should you not be searching for clues for something?

Sherlock: Well I was looking for clues that would lead me to joy, then I found what I thought was a clue, but it turned out to be it, joy itself!

Watson: What was it?

Sherlock: An Atari 2600 video game console.

Watson: Finding an Atari 2600 was finding joy?

Sherlock: Well for a while, until I realized it was only a clue that led to joy . . .

Watson: Which was found in?

Sherlock: An Intellivision video game console. But then I realized that was just a clue as to where to find joy when I discovered the Commodore 64 was joy itself. But then I realized that was just a clue when I discovered that the Nintendo Entertainment System was joy itself. Then along came the GameBoy. Then the Playstation, then the Nintendo 64, then the Playstation 2, then the  Xbox, then the Xbox 360,  . . . but now after all these clues I have found pure joy itself.

Watson: In what?

Sherlock: Either the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One. They are both good.

Watson: Until the Playstation 5 or the Xbox Two come out I suppose?

Sherlock: Then the joy will continue!

Watson: I don’t think you have found joy Sherlock.

Sherlock: Of course I have. Could you not see how happy I was while I was gaming?

Watson: Well not really. And even if I could, joy is not found in experiences that make you happy.

Sherlock: But of course it is. The person who feels happy is a person of joy. Elementary dear Watson.

Watson: But emotions can be very short-lived. And you may only feel happy during experiences that make you happy. When bad things happen, your happiness will turn to sadness. For example, will you be happy if the power goes out and your video games stop working?

Sherlock: That’s what my PS Vita is for. Games and joy on the go. As I said, elementary dear Watson!

Watson: But at some point you will need to stop playing and get back to work. I know you find great delight in your work, but what about some of the people you have worked with? Some of the people who have had bad things happen to them? While our happy emotions might disappear with the next bad event, did you know that we can have an underlying joy throughout all of life’s circumstances?

Sherlock: Hmmmm. I wonder if that is what I am really looking for?

Watson: I think I know of someone who can help.

Sherlock: Are we going back in time? If so, on the way can I have another go at Missile Command on the Atari. I was just getting the hang of that one!

Watson: We are going back further than that. We are going to see Elizabeth who is pregnant with John the Baptist and to hear what she said when she met Mary when she was pregnant with Jesus

Enter Elizabeth

Elizabeth: God has blessed you above all women, and your child is blessed. Why am I so honored, that the mother of my Lord should visit me? When I heard your greeting, the baby in my womb jumped for joy. You are blessed because you believed that the Lord would do what he said. (taken from NLT)

Sherlock: The baby jumped for joy? In the womb? Without video games? Without tv? Without entertainment? Without anything at all?

Watson: Except being near Jesus.

Sherlock: So joy is found in being near Jesus?

Watson: Well yes, and joy is a big part of the Christmas story, for at Christmas God was breaking in on the world to really change things up for the better through Jesus. The Bible teaches that because of Jesus we can become sons and daughters of God. That is a fact which cannot change, a fact which will bring us joy, even when things go bad and times are tough.

Sherlock: Even when the ghosts catch Pacman?

Watson: Of course.

Sherlock: Hmmm. This raises a whole new case to be solved. A whole new set of clues will be needed.

Watson: How is that?

Sherlock: It would appear that many people today are pursuing pleasure and happiness, who would do better to rather be looking for the lasting joy you speak of. The case to be solved is this: how do we get people who are currently seeking and having so much fun, to seek for joy before their happiness runs out?

Watson: Good question Sherlock. But perhaps this time before we seek clues, we should seek the Lord in prayer!

Sherlock: Of course, dear Watson!


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