Christmas According to Mark: Puppet Remix

The second puppet drama of our current series “Christmas According to Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.” Thanks again to the children and youth of our congregation for presenting it this past Sunday.

Advent Puppet Scene #2 “Calling Second Witness Mark”

Two puppets, Fred and George, appear (members of the gallery)

Fred: Well George I think the lawyers are going to drag this case on as long as they can.

George: I think Pastor Clarke is the one dragging this one on. Looks like it will be four weeks by the time we are done!

Fred: Hey George, remind me of the charges laid against this sorry looking group known as Christians. (pointing to the congregation)

George: They don’t look sorry to me – though some do look a little grumpy, especially Mrs. Crawford.

Fred: Oh yeah – though that is because she is a Boston Bruins fan.

George: Let me look . . as yes. . here it is: these people here are guilty of claiming that Jesus is King of kings, Lord of lords, greater than all rulers including our emperor Caesar, so much greater than any ruler just as the Toronto Maple Leafs are greater than any other hockey team . Furthermore, they claim that this Jesus has no human father but is born of a virgin.

Court attendant stands:

Court Attendant: ALL RISE!

Judge enters from the choir entrance and goes to the pulpit

Court Attendant: Please be seated.

Judge: In this case against the Christians for spreading lies, call your second witness.

Prosecutor: I am calling to the stand Mark, writer of a book these Christians call the Gospel of Mark.

The puppet Mark appears

Prosecutor: Mark is it true that though your book comes second in the New Testament, that you were actually the first one to write what you call a Gospel about Jesus?

Mark: Yes, that is accurate and most Biblical scholars 2,000 years from now will think so too.

Prosecutor: And is it true that you do not tell the story about the birth of Jesus anywhere in your Gospel?

Mark: Yes, that is accurate.

Fred: What no Christmas story in Mark?!!

George: no mention of angels, or shepherds, or wise men, or a manger?

Fred: And I bet he forgot to include candy canes and Santa, and reindeer and Toblerone chocolate bars too!

George: and no donkeys or sheep or cattle that are lowing?!

Fred: and no lions, tigers, and bears, oh my!

George: How can Mark not know the Christmas story, even I know the Christmas story and have even been in it, you know once I played the role of a Wiseman.

Fred: Well that was poor casting!

Prosecutor: Isn’t it true, that you did not record the Christmas story in your Gospel because Jesus’ birth was ordinary, just like any other? That this story of his ‘miracle’ birth was made up after you write your Gospel?

Mark: No that is not the case at all. I didn’t include it because I was determined to keep my account of who Jesus is nice and short, my Gospel was the first written, but is also the shortest, getting quickly to the main points about Jesus.

Prosecutor: But isn’t it true that Jesus had to have had an ordinary birth because he was just an ordinary man.

Mark. No, not at all. If you have read my book you would know that Jesus is far from ordinary. In Jesus God Himself came to rescue us from our sins. I didn’t speak about the birth of Jesus because I wanted to focus on the death of Jesus. Of course he was born, and of course being ‘God with Us’ his birth was different. But in my book I wanted people to focus more on the miracle of God’s love in Jesus’ death on the cross for the forgiveness of sin. I didn’t focus on the miracle of Christmas because I really wanted people to know the miracle of Easter. When you understand Easter, Christmas is obvious.

Fred: Hey George, perhaps that is why the symbol these Christians use most is a cross and not a manger.

George: Yeah I have often wondered why these Christians often wear a form of execution. I guess I will need to pay more attention to Pastor Clarke’s sermons to find out.

Judge: Court is adjourned until next week when we will call our next witness.

Candle Lighter: Last week we lit the candle called “The Prophecy of God” (lights one candle) Today we light the second advent candle which we call The Love of God. Jesus was born so that He might die for us, for the forgiveness of sin and so that God could reconcile us to Himself. He did this because He loves us deeply and completely (Lights second candle) Let us pray: “Lord we thank you for all the amazing things that you do. Thank you Lord, that you loved us so much that your Son was born that He might die for us. Thank you that in love you worked the wonderful salvation through Jesus who is King of kings and Lord of lords. Use us your witnesses in this sceptical world. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.


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