“Better Together” Sermon Series

I have not been updating this blog as our church is taking part in a shared sermon series / pulpit rotation as organised by the Cobourg Christian Network. We are grateful for the preaching ministry of our guest preachers Dr. Rus Jeffrey who was with us on the 24th and Rev. Andre Turcotte from Cobourg Alliance Church on March 3rd. We look forward to the ministry of Rev. Bill Ball from Fellowship Baptist on March 10th, and Capt. Sheldon Bungay from Cobourg Community Church (Salvation Army) on March 17th. I enjoyed being with the Salvation Army Cobourg Community Church on Feb. 24th and Fellowship Baptist on March 3rd and look forward to being at  Cobourg Alliance Church March March 10th, and Church on the Hill March 17th. This pulpit rotation will prepare us for our combined Good Friday services at the Best Western and the launch of the Habitat for Humanity Faith Build.

Dr. Rus at Calvary


Pastor Andre at Calvary





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