Time for a Sexual Revolution

(Submitted to our local paper) It has been suggested to me that I use this first article either to introduce myself as a new pastor to the area, or to write about anything that’s on my mind. Being disinclined to talk about myself I’d rather share what’s on my mind but fear that by doing so I may end up introducing myself to you. Why the fear? Because despite my youngish age, the motorcycle, and my former rock bands, by the time you’ve read this you may think I’m stodgy and old fashioned. You see what’s on my mind right now comes out of the recent tragedy of a young girl bullied to death. Yes, bullies need to stop. Yes, youth need to learn ‘street smarts’ with regards to the Internet. But I believe that it is time for something else as well; it is time for a sexual revolution.

What do I mean by this? The bully in the aforementioned story had somehow convinced the bullied to send topless photos of herself. How was she convinced? I’m a guy and I don’t like going topless at a beach, never mind in front of a web cam, but it seems there is a comfort level around sexuality in our day that would be shocking not that many years ago. Watch TV. Watch it and notice just how many romantic relationships are marked by sex. Or rather watch for how many are not. Watch any number of shows and you soon get the impression that every romantic relationship must be marked by sex in some way. And so a romance struck online must have a sexuality expressed online. That’s normal right? As is sex before marriage? As is sex and living together before marriage? As is getting to whatever base by whatever date?

And so it is time for a sexual revolution. We had one in the sixties, though I’m too young to remember that one, but it is time for another. No, it is not time for preachers like me to shout the “rules of sex” from the rooftops and street corners. But it is time for all Christians to hold up all that is beautiful about sexuality expressed within the covenant of marriage.

When does faithfulness to one’s marriage partner begin? On the wedding day? On the day of the engagement? On the first date? In the traditional Christian view, faithfulness begins far sooner. Faithfulness is a lifelong commitment to one’s soul mate that begins when life begins. Faithfulness not old fashioned, faithfulness is beautiful. It sets apart your marriage partner as one in eight billion. In our culture it seems that sex is about you. In Christianity, sex is not about you, it is about your marriage partner. It is not a means of getting, whether fun, or self-esteem or whatever. It is a way of giving and of renewing the marriage vows. We think of the wedding ring as being the sign of the marriage bond and covenant, but in the eyes of God it isn’t, sex is. Sex is not about you. And by the way, neither is marriage. Sound odd? Most revolutions start off sounding odd.

In reading this you may think my views are stodgy and old fashioned. But my wife doesn’t think so. Nor my Lord.


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