Standard: A Change in Dreams

I can remember the day clearly. The day I picked up my dream motorcycle. A Triumph Sprint 900 in British Racing Green, a motorcycle I had wanted ever since seeing one at a motorcycle show in 1994. And in 1997 I bought one. It had everything I had ever wanted in a motorcycle. It looked big and fast. It was big and fast. It could do over 100 mph with no problem, which of course I only knew because I read about it in a book. Or so I’d rather have you believe. It had a comfy seat and a superb suspension. The thrill of my first ride on it was like that of a first ride ever on a motorcycle. This bike was exactly what I wanted.

But then there are other days to remember. Like the day I wandered into a motorcycle dealership to ask about a Honda CBR125R. With 13 horsepower on tap it happens to be one of the least powerful motorcycles on the market. My lawn mower has a bigger engine. It has a tiny seat. Then bike itself, is small. So small, that the dealer muttered something about my size and offered to sell me something bigger. So I went to another dealer and traded my Triumph 955 (a later, faster model than my first Triumph) for a 125. My first ride on it was nothing to write home about, nor email or even text message. But it was exactly what I wanted.

Why the change? Well by this time I was now abiding in a city. I didn’t need 121 horsepower, nor could I even use it. Not even close, 13 would do just fine for city riding. I discovered the truth of the maxim that it is more fun to ride a slow bike fast than a fast bike slow. By this time I was abiding in a time of expensive gas. Averaging anywhere between 75-100 mpg (depending on wind direction!) was welcome for the daily commute. By this time I was abiding in a land of crazy insurance costs for sportbikes. A reduction of 75% in insurance was a nice change. By this time I was abiding with a wife and three children. Paying all that money on insurance for a luxury item was getting harder to justify. I did my research and made my decision. I wanted a 125.

We wonder about statements made by Jesus like this one: “If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be given you.” (John 15:7 NIV) Can we really receive whatever we want? You know what I am about to say; If we remain in Jesus, abiding in Him as older translations put it, our desires will change, our dreams will be transformed, our prayers will mature. As we abide in Jesus what we ask for changes as His Kingdom becomes our dream, His will becomes our wish. What do you want?

Abide well!


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