Change. And no I don’t mean the kind of change that you find in your pockets. That is a good kind of change, especially good now that we have loonies and toonies making us richer than we think. No I mean that other kind of change. The kind of change where things don’t stay the same. The kind of change one ponders when one hits forty. If I’m about to hit the “middle-age-spread,” then what have I been experiencing the last twenty years? The kind of change we see in our bodies as we never stop changing. The kind of change we see in our families. A family photo soon becomes a snapshot in time, a historical record for us to look at someday and say “ah, remember when . . .”. The kind of change we see in our culture. New laws. New unwritten rules. New values. A new generation born, and a new generation bemoaning the changes “since I was your age.” I’m changing, sounding more and more like my Dad everyday. The kind of change which sometimes unfortunately we cannot stop. The kind of change which sometimes we feel unable to start.

Change. The kind of change a young couple face when they discover there will soon be a pregnancy out of wedlock, despite adherence to traditional values. How will we explain this one to the neighbours? The kind of change that brought great joy to the magi. The kind of change King Herod faced when some wise guys from the East announced that there was a new king in town. Oh, and the new king gets his own star. Change is coming, be afraid. The kind of change that is announced to a flock of shepherds “Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.” Change is coming, do not be afraid.

Much has been written about the Christmas story, and here I am composing another Christmas letter. Ah, some things do not change! But whatever is said about that first Christmas we can say this. Because Christ is born, everything has changed. Because Christ was born, everything will change. That change may bring fear to you, it may bring comfort. That change may bring you grief, it may bring you joy. It may bring you dread, it may bring you hope. Either way, change is coming. May we experience this Christmas as the kind of people who look forward to it. Even better, may we experience this Christmas as the kind of people who bring it to those who need it most.

Sandra, the boys and I wish you a Merry and Hope filled Christmas!