Tiptoe Through the Tulips

“Tiptoe Through the Tulips.”  The title of a song that I used to sing at full blast in falsetto while working at Pizza Hut as a student.  Loud, horrible, but good fun for my co-workers who would end up joining in.  I’d sing it in church, but after my rendition of Kool & the Gang’s “Celebration” recently I think we’ll leave the tiptoeing to my Pizza Hut days!

We will soon be seeing the tulips, and no better place to see them than right here in Ottawa with a walk during the annual tulip festival.  It takes considerable will power for me to tiptoe through the tulips without singing, but for the sake of my family and the neighbourhood, I’ll endeavour to do so.

Go for a walk in the Spring, and besides the tulips you will see all manner of signs of life – geese flying overhead, robins on the lawn, motorcycles on the road, buds on trees.  The signs are all there we just need to look around!  At Fourth Avenue Baptist we are encouraged by the signs of life in our church.  Take a walk and you will hear the sounds of the Sunday school, hear rumours of youth initiatives being undertaken, stumble across a pastoral care team gaining steam for a new season, find a small but passionate group praying in our new prayer room, or the Bible study group studying and praying in the youth room, you might even hear a baby or two in the new nursery, and soon you will hear the splash from baptisms.  And of course, you will hear music!  The signs of life are there, we just need to look around!

But as great as Spring is with all its signs of life, and as great as it is to see the signs of life in our church, we long to see the signs of life that God brings to people’s lives in our nation.  Look around, and we see people struggling with relationships, or struggling with addictions, poverty, or tragedy.  We see marriages falling apart.  We see innocent people suffering from the evil committed by others.  Read the headlines and it may seem that life is no Spring-time walk in the park.

But Jesus is risen, and because He is risen, new possibilities emerge.  Marriages are on the rocks across our city.  But He is risen – strong and fulfilling family life is possible.  Relationships are strained.  But He is risen – unity is possible.  People are addicted.  But He is risen – freedom is possible.  People are hateful and hated.  But He is risen – the experience of love is possible.  People are pessimistic.  But He is risen – confidence is possible.  People are far from God. But He is risen – reconciliation is possible.  People are dying.  But He is risen – and the impossible has become possible: “the dead shall be raised incorruptible” 1st Cor 15:52.

Life may be no walk in the park, no happy “tiptoeing through the tulips,” but walk with Jesus and new possibilities emerge.  As followers of Jesus it is up to us to sow the seeds of possibilities as we walk.