Celebrating Everyday

The next couple of months mark several anniversary celebrations for my wife and me.  To start with, our 10th wedding anniversary happens just days from the writing of this (and 2 weeks before posting!).  On October 1st I will be celebrating one year as pastor at Fourth Avenue Baptist Church.  On October 4th the church will be celebrating 110 years of ministry here in the Glebe.

Now while plans for celebrating the church anniversary are well in hand, I must confess that my plans for celebrating our wedding anniversary are not.  It is no secret that I am not a very romantic guy and even if a romantic idea popped into my head I wouldn’t know what to do with it.  However, I try to make up for my lack of romantic sensibilities by being somewhat handy.  But there is only so much one can do to impress one’s wife with duct tape and a gift in replacing toilets.

Now before I head off to the dog house (to do some repairs of course), let me suggest that celebrations pale in comparison to the everyday.  Yes we love to celebrate, especially when it involves food.  But celebration is not nearly as valuable as commitment.

Sandra and I have always enjoyed watching the show “Jon and Kate Plus 8.”  Jon and Kate are similar in age to us, but when they had twice the number of children in diapers as we did, they made our lives seem normal.  I also appreciate the show because Jon seems as unromantic as me.  And about as handy.  He did, however, pull off a very special 10th wedding anniversary celebration in Hawaii complete with the renewal of wedding vows.  Unfortunately the marriage ended not too long after that.  So much for elaborate and romantic celebrations!

Weddings and anniversaries are not nearly as important as the marriages they celebrate.  Couples will spend a lot of money, time and effort getting ready for a wedding day.  But how much effort goes into preparing for marriage, for every day after?   I’ve heard it said that staying married requires falling in love many times, but always with the same person.  I thank the Lord that Sandra is there every day so that I can keep falling in love with her.  Our wedding anniversary may not be spectacular, and it certainly will not be anywhere near Hawaii, but with one day we will celebrate every day and look forward to every day to come.

The anniversary of our church is exciting for sure.  One hundred and ten years might make us seem fairly old but I look around and recognize the many generations over the years that have been encouraged to spend every day walking in faith, hope, and love.  I look around and see that we have many generations present with us now, committed to the everyday joy of living faithfully for God.  Church celebrations are exciting, but they are not nearly as precious as the everyday commitment to honour God and bless others.

If you wish to join us for our church anniversary celebration, we will be celebrating with a special service on October 4 at 11 o’clock featuring our guest preacher, the Rev.  Gervis Black.

If you wish to join us for our wedding anniversary, you are out of luck, because we will have already done that, whatever that turns out to be!  Besides, no offence, but having you along wouldn’t be very romantic . . . even a handyman knows that.

(written for the Glebe Report, Sept 2009)