Kicking Into High Gear

With September approaching many of us get back into routine and “kick into gear” as they say.  As a family, we will be getting our three boys ready for school and even now I’m thinking up the responses to the inevitable questions; “why?!”  Our church family also is getting ready to “kick into gear,” with fall events already being planned and with all of us looking forward to getting back into the rhythms of life.

I’m not sure where the expression “kicking into gear” comes from but it certainly makes sense to me as a motorcyclist, since we use our feet to change gears.  The wet weather thus far has done little to dampen my enthusiasm for motorcycling, but this summer my bike has done something that has concerned me just a wee bit.

Getting into the next gear usually brings the next rush of acceleration (assuming it is not rush hour – an oxymoron if ever there was one), and the next wave of sweet triple cylinder sound (some of you won’t understand that!).  Two or three times, however, in kicking up into high gear my bike has delivered a lot of sound with no acceleration.  You see instead of “kicking into gear” it has “kicked out of gear” with the engine picking up speed with the twist of the grip, but no acceleration, no power to the wheels.

This puts me in mind of what can sometimes happen with our spiritual lives.  We may think that with our spirituality we are “kicking into gear,” with some new program or practice and great intentions, but we may find ourselves producing more noise than motion.  With regards to our spirituality we can ask ourselves, “have we moved?”  Have we moved?  Are we more compassionate than we were a year ago?  Have we moved? Are we quicker to forgive than a year ago?  Have we moved? Are we quicker to listen and learn from others than we were a year ago?  Have we moved?  Are we more willing to sacrifice for the things that are truly important than we were a year ago?  Have we moved?  Do we have a more developed sense of what is truly important, or rather who is truly important in our lives than we did a year ago?  Have we moved?  Has the power of faith made it to the road?

If our answer tends to be ‘no,’ then perhaps we failed to kick our faith into gear last year.  My prayer is that we can all, myself included, kick our faith into high gear this year.

This year our church family is celebrating “Kick into Gear Sunday” on September 13th at 11:00 am as we look forward to our Sunday School beginning a new session, the choir singing again, Bible studies and discussion groups discussing and learning again, all that kind of stuff.  You would be most welcome to attend.  We encourage you to kick your faith into high gear this year with the help of our church family or one of the fine church families in the Glebe.  God Bless!

(written for the Glebe Report, August 2009)